Bonfire Night & Future Plans

On Thursday it was fireworks night so my friends and I waited until Saturday to celebrate. We bought a load of sparklers and ordered pizza and watched the fireworks display on my front porch as the display is really close to my house. Our town have cancelled one of the main fireworks events so there is only one event locally which meant they were charging £10 entry per person to cash in on the lack of options so we chose to save the money and have a slightly worse view.

On a slightly unrelated note, I am currently on my placement year which is part of my sandwich degree in Business Studies with Marketing and during the week I was visited by my placement advisor. It was really helpful to talk to someone about the good and bad experiences I have had so far and help gain ideas on what I can do moving forward to achieve the career I want.

Part of my placement coursework is to create a professional development portfolio where I document the experience and reflect on my placement as a whole. I was initially unsure whether to use this blog to record my year in work as I wasn’t sure whether I should mix career development with less serious posts. However I have decided to use the platform for both, allowing me to blog about topics that interest me, share chins photos and document my placement year. I think I will create separate pages for each topic which will mean anyone can easily navigate to the section they wish to read.

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