Why The Long Face?

I took this picture a while ago when I went to Marwell Zoo with friends. I settled on the long face caption and it got me thinking about people’s attitudes and perspectives towards various aspects of their life. If someone was to ask me last year, or even a few months ago if I was a positive person I would have said no. Whilst I don’t think I was completely negative, I often saw the bad side of a situation and sometimes fixated on it.

My course at university requires a lot of group work which often creates a lot of problems. Sometimes people do not have the same opinion or approach to you and it is something you have to learn to deal with. Others may not have the same work ethic or ambitions and be happy to settle with a project rather than striving to continuously improve it. When looking back at my first and second years, I realise how much I focused on the problems the group were having with individual members not pulling their weight and how that allowed me to get distracted from the task in hand. Too often I would find myself moaning about how others weren’t contributing enough to the project without realising that this won’t ultimately make any progress.

Whilst working in two companies over my placement year I have met and interacted with a lot of different people. It is interesting to see how people approach work and how they interact with their colleagues. Overall the more positive people I have interacted with are more productive, bounce off others to create new ideas but most importantly seem to get more out of their job. Making the most out of any situation can be difficult but it will always pay off in the long run.

Work, university or even life can be hard sometimes and whilst I think it is healthy for people to be able to vent and get things of their chest, I think having a positive attitude is extremely important. Negative mindsets, comments and remarks ultimately won’t benefit anyone or the situation. Dealing with mistakes is important when having a positive attitude. Beating yourself up about mistakes you may have made won’t help anything. Realising that everyone makes mistakes and it isn’t the end of the world is crucial. Sometimes our toughest critic is ourselves and it is important not be too hard on yourself. Acknowledge and accept what has happened and move on.

I never used to think about how my negative attitude would effect others but being pessimistic is never going to add anything of value to a situation. Try your hardest to look at any situation in a positive light.

If someone was to ask me now if I was positive I would say yes. What would your answer be?

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