I Was On A Billboard In Times Square

Chins on Tour has gone global. Back in February Revlon were allowing tourists to get their picture on a billboard so naturally I seized the opportunity to improve the couples romantic photo in front of me with a chin or two. As we sat in Bubba Gump in Times Square we could see the Revlon billboard which was entertaining to watch as we ate our food. We went to a mixture of big chain restaurants and small, independent places whilst in the Big Apple and I definitely had a few favourites.

My favourite big chain restaurant we went to was Bubba Gump in Times Square although the theme was wasted on me as I’ve never seen the film. We got the bucket of Cajun shrimp to share for our starters and they were out of this world. If you don’t like fish, it’s probably best to avoid this restaurant but if you do then make sure you visit. The staff were great and I was surprised with how quickly we were greeted and shown to our table considering we were in Times Square. I hadn’t heard of Bubba Gump before I went to New York and have discovered they have one in London which I might just have to visit early next year. Interestingly I had heard great things about Hard Rock Café but was left disappointed after visiting as I didn’t think there was anything particularly special about our meal. Whilst the theme was cool and there is loads to look at, the music was extremely loud and ended up getting annoying when trying to have a conversation. If you’re hungry and in Times Square, head to Bubba Gump because it will not disappoint.


As expected, New York was expensive and my sister had discovered a number of small restaurants she wanted to show us. Sophie had told me one of the best things about New York is the variety of authentic cuisine available and she wasn’t lying. One of my favourite meals we had was at a small Thai restaurant called Sukhumvit 51 on 51st street between 2nd and 3rd avenue. It’s a tiny place but the food was absolutely incredible and the service was fast. The staff were all really friendly and happy to help at any moment. Unlike the restaurants in Times Square, the prices are really reasonable and I made sure I returned when I went back to New York in July.

Wonjo on 32nd Street between 5th and Broadway was another restaurant that was a brilliant experience. The staff cook the Korean Barbeque in front of you which was great to watch as you waited and there were so many different flavours to try.  We also ordered some sushi on the side as we all of us love it and their California Rolls were amazing. If I remember correctly, it was relatively expensive but you pay for the experience as well as the food so would definitely recommend it if you are close to Korea town.

We stayed at the Broadway Hotel on 101st on Broadway avenue because it was a lot cheaper than staying near Times Square. We discovered a small Japanese restaurant two blocks down on 103rd street called Sun-Chan which served great sushi and I also really enjoyed their pork buns. I took my Dad there when we visited in July and he really enjoyed their Teriyaki Salmon and the pork buns. The prices were extremely reasonable and I found that it was a welcome break from all the burgers, bagels and fries we had been having on week. Although I loved all the stodgy food America boasts, it was nice to take a break and eat other cuisine that didn’t leave you feeling lethargic.

I think I will write some more posts about my time in New York as I had such a brilliant time and would love to return again in the next few years. I have got one post idea which will feature my favourite chins photo I have ever taken which I am saving to celebrate hitting 1000 views when I hit that milestone. Do you have any favourite restaurants in New York or America?

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