How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This weekend it was my friend Alice’s 21st birthday and she had an alphabet party. Everyone was given their letter and I got G so instantly knew what I was going as. The Grinch is my favourite film and I have even watched it with friends in the middle of summer when hungover and feeling sorry for myself. There were so many great costumes and someone even came as the green triangle you get in Quality Streets after being dealt the letter Q.

We all had a really good night and when I came home I caused a green tsunami in the shower and had to wash my hair at least four times because it was completely rock solid. The green stayed on pretty well all night although my green hands had started to rub off on everything I touched.

I bought the Santa suit on Amazon for £4 and laughed at the reviews. So many people were criticising the quality and moaning that it fell apart during their fun run but what can you expect for such a cheap price. My costume actually lasted pretty well until I jumped on my friends back and the crotch split from front to back. I managed to get the rest of my costume for pretty cheap as I bought all the face paint and coloured hair spray on Black Friday so it was all 40% off.

In the day before her party, we surprised Al with a trip to TGI Fridays because we knew she would hate having all the waiters sing to her. If you go, have the Jack Daniel’s pork belly to start because it was amazing and also try the Red Navy cocktail if you can’t decide on a drink. I had the warrior burger but I wouldn’t really recommend it as it is just too much food for one person!

We also went to see the Coca-Cola truck as a birthday surprise after we had finished our meal. When we arrived there was a huge queue of atleast 200 people and we wondered what they were queuing for. We walked round the queue and saw they were queuing for a small stand giving away tiny cans of Coke. There was another queue, equally as big for people who wanted to get a professional photo infront of the truck. We decided against queuing for either and took a quick picture in front of it ourselves.

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