Chins On Tour In 2016

As 2015 draws to a close I have been thinking about the new year and the direction I would like ChinsOnTour to take. There are a number of ideas I have that I would like to try as I continue to develop my blog and content as well as a number of goals I would like to achieve as I finish my placement year and move back into full time education.

Continue To Blog Regularly
When I first decided to create my blog I underestimated the time and commitment it would take to write content consistently and to a standard I am happy with. I would like to carry on blogging regularly next year and juggle work, friends and blogging effectively whilst I continue to shape my brand. In September, I will return to university to complete the final year of my degree and I want to make sure I make time to blog whilst studying even though I will have lots of work to do.

Guest Features
I would like to run a guest features segment on my blog monthly or every fortnight depending on the level of interest. I would like different bloggers to share their experiences and ideas whilst sharing a chins photo of themselves. I’m not too sure how bloggers will respond to this as some may not want an unflattering photo of themselves shared but I would like to continue the ethos of not taking life too seriously on my blog. I want to learn more about blogging and get more involved with the blogging community and I think this could be a great way to get to know other bloggers and learn from them.

Hit 10,000 views
This is a huge target but I want to set myself a goal that I will have to work hard to achieve. I set myself the target of hitting 1,000 views by the end of the year but am about 200 off so am not sure if that will happen but going forward into 2016 I hope more people will discover and enjoy my posts and interact with them. Whilst this is my target, I don’t want to bombard everyone with click bait with dull content past the first paragraph because I know how annoying that can be.

Improve my photography
It can be hard to take decent photos when using the front facing camera but I would like to feature more photos in my blog that look half decent. So many of the blogs I look through have amazing photography and lighting and it inspires me to get back into photography. I used to take photos for my friend’s fashion blog and really enjoyed it and would love to improve my knowledge on photography and the supporting programmes. I might even share some of my favourite photos I took back when I was photographing for my friend’s blog regularly.

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2 thoughts on “Chins On Tour In 2016

  1. Quote: When I first decided to create my blog I underestimated the time and commitment it would take to write content consistently and to a standard I am happy with.
    Not to mention the time to add on add-ons! It’s good fun, but I never thought it would take so much time – and I’ve only just started so very much a new broom yet. I hope I’ll grow to be a used old broom, not just an old one.

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