A Blast From The Past

A few years ago I used to take photos for my friend Ciara which she used on her fashion blog and I thought I would share a few of my favourite photos I had taken in the past. In a number of the different twitter chats over the past week a number of bloggers have discussed how important images are for them and it got me thinking about the use of photos in blogs. Whilst I think the most important part of a good blog post is the written content, photos can help reinforce the story you are telling through writing and can make posts more interesting and engaging.

I would love my photography to be better however sometimes feel limited, particularly if trying to take a chinsontour photo. The selfie camera isn’t the best quality and it can be hard to get the background and foreground to focus. I also don’t have a camera so feel limited with the photos I can take.

I have been considering going travelling once I graduate and definitely think I will buy a good camera before I go. I would love to be able to take good photos of all the different places I see and be able to blog about them! If you have any good camera recommendations please let me know! I don’t want anything to huge as I will be carrying it with me but want a camera that can take good quality photos!

I have included some of my favourite photos I took for my friend’s fashion blog. We would try different locations, angles and settings on her DSLR to try and get the best shot possible. For the second photo we made origami birds out of old beano comics then hung them from clear string to create the illusion they were floating around her.



Maybe 2016 will be the year I get back into photography! If not, I hope to I take lots of photos when I go travelling that I can blog and keep forever to remember my trip.

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