Millennials: Self-Entitled or A New Wave Of Talent?

In an interview I was asked what frustrates me. After thinking for a while I responded with ‘self-entitlement and lack of initiative or work ethic’. Once my interview was over, I thought about what I said and began to think whether this attitude was something particularly associated with my generation; millennials.

It is no secret that the youth do not always get presented well in the press, with a strong focus on low education engagement, teenage pregnancies and crime. However it is questionable as to how much this has transferred into society’s attitudes. There seems to be the suggestion amongst some generations that the youth do not have to work as hard today implying education is easier and there are more opportunities now than ever before.

On the other hand, it could be argued that there is more competition today with individuals having to go above and beyond to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Whilst some individuals may show little faith in the younger generations, numerous companies recognise the importance of securing new talent offering apprenticeships, graduate schemes and training for those trying to break into the work force.

In my experience I have come across a wide range of people. Some are extremely self-motivated, striving to push themselves and achieve their goals, putting effort into all elements of their work. Others appear to be the opposite, trying to find someone or something to blame their lack of initiative or effort on.

I believe within any generation you will find those who are self-motivated and those who do not have the same drive. In the future, companies will need to continue to look into how they can motivate staff to achieve the best results however there does seem to have been a shift. This shift leans towards self-motivation, where individuals need to prove themselves or risk being replaced by younger, keener talent looking for an opportunity to shine. Ultimately millennials should be seen as an opportunity, offering the potential for new talent to help a company move forward and achieve their objectives.

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4 thoughts on “Millennials: Self-Entitled or A New Wave Of Talent?

  1. I think there is so much competition these days! So many people want to do the same jobs and so many people who don’t have the experience get overlooked! Job applications etc is something I could rant about for ages!

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    1. I agree, it seems that companies frequently require experience but people struggle to find a route that gives them the experience a company requires. But I’m a big believer in fake it till you make it and believe that hard work will eventually pay off!

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      1. Yeah I think it’s one of the biggest problems and like you said about them missing out on those young people who could actually open their eyes to a whole new audience! I’m not saying those older more experience people don’t know what we do, but I guess we see things in a different way! Companies just need to take risks!

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