Behind The Blog: Fro Girl Ginny

Hello and welcome to Behind The Blog. This week I will be posting seven posts featuring seven different bloggers having a chat about their experiences with blogging, discussing their favourite elements to blogging and giving any advice they may have for anyone thinking of starting their own blog. So without further ado, let me introduce Ginny – a positive young journalism student who has built up a brilliant community dedicated so celebrating natural hair. I hope you enjoy this week!
Please introduce yourself and your blog.
I am a natural hair enthusiast, in a laid back definition; I started embracing what I used to dislike the most about myself. My big hair has was seen as a mop or a bush and people didn’t see it as beautiful or big, the way I saw it, so I found every way to change and alter it. Since embarking on this journey of learning to love it, I met some people along the way and somehow I have built a community of people who come together on a site full of pixels to talk all things hair!
What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I’d have to say the ability to have this platform where you do not have to follow a brief in comparison to school or work. You can design it how you want to and take pictures the way you want to without a critique. My only critique is myself but writing is my form of expression so it’s fun.
Least favourite?Fro Girl Ginny
I wish I had a photographer sibling or something, that’s the one thing that slows me down.
What have you learnt from blogging?
Well, I am studying Journalism so they work fro in fro. Did you get that? Of course you did!
What advice would you give to new bloggers?
Get a notebook and write down everything that interests you, something you wouldn’t mind writing about and researching. It doesn’t have to be one thing. I started off focused on hair, now its branching into fashion, travel and beauty. Find that one thing which you can bring a unique perspective to.
Do you have any favourite blogs? – She’s my Manchester sister! Oh and – My big sister in Washington DC. I have a lot of sisters!
Want to see more of Ginny’s content? 

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