Behind The Blog: Basant She

Please introduce yourself and your blog
My name is Basant She, I’m an Egyptian who’s lived in Saudi Arabia all her life, currently a Marketing student in Germany. I decided to start my blog, Thoughts of a Socially Anxious Extrovert, about a month ago. I started it due to a need to express myself and a small identity crisis with a hint of wanting my voice to reach others. One of the best decisions I’ve made to be honest.  My blog is exactly what the title describes, it is the many ramblings of a socially anxious girl stuck in an extrovert’s body. Although my posts have tended to be about advice and my anxiety, I really like to blog about what I experience.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging has to be getting my voice across. In real life though I’m expressive and to some extent talkative, there’s a lot I hold back because of my anxiety. I tend to have a habit of shutting my mouth even when I really want to bring a point across. With blogging, I can describe and rant all I want all from the comfort of my cozy room, snuggling in a blanket with hot chocolate. Blogging has turned into  an outlet where I can be an extrovert and socially anxious all at once, it’s a place I can completely be myself.

What is your least favourite thing about blogging?
I would have to say the not-so-nice comments. I would post some of my articles on other social media sites and they would sometimes not be taken too well. Especially at the beginning of me blogging, this was a little hard on me. Surprisingly though, this really has helped me understand why I blog over time. I blog to express, not to please. So, the least favourite thing about blogging lead me to completely understand why I was here in the first place!

What have you learnt from blogging? Has it shaped any of your goals for the future?
I’ve learnt that a sense of community is wonderful, the blogging community has been all too kind to me and my work and I’m ever so thankful. I’ve also learnt how addicting blogging is as a whole, for the past month it’s all I’ve been doing. Blogging has turned into a really big goal for me. I want my site to turn into something huge, every blogger’s dream! I’m attempting to have milestones along the way, such as one of my posts getting Freshly Pressing by WordPress.

What advice would you give to new bloggers? Is there anything you would do differently if you were to start again?
I would do something differently and I advice new bloggers to do it right when they’re starting as well. Before sharing your blog officially with others, I advice you to write a few posts on the site first and not just one. This way if someone were to stumble upon your blog, there’s a lot of posts to read and a lot of content to share. I believe this is a great way of getting a solid audience right off the bat.

Do you have any favourite blogs that you read?
I really enjoy reading Zoella as well as I Am Begging My Mom Not to Read This Blog.

Want to see more of Basant’s content?
Blog | Twitter


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