Getting Back Into Photography

It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow and I have been lucky enough to get really involved with the event my work is running. My colleague from HR came to our office a few weeks ago to ask my manager if he could photograph the event but he will be in America on a business trip. Without really thinking about it I offered to do it and luckily they both thought it was a good idea.

I have had some experience with cameras from taking photos for my friend’s fashion blog but asked my manager to give me a crash course with his camera as I knew I was rusty. She was back from university this weekend so I made her come over to be my test subject as I practised more. I played around with different lighting and settings and managed to take a nice photo of her holding my puppy, Rufus, who looks huge in this picture for some reason.

Ciara and Rufus

My manager showed me the creative media suite at work and I absolutely loved learning how to use the camera and how lighting and composition will effect the pictures I will be taking. I also got stupidly excited learning how all the big, professional lights worked and how they could drastically change the mood of the picture. He generously let me borrow his camera to practice with at home and I was really pleased with the pictures of fruit and vegetables I got for my healthy lifestyle update last week.

At first, I struggled to get the lighting right in the photos and was having to use the flash for all the photos I was taking. I told my manager and he told me to change different settings to improve the photos I was taking. I didn’t understand that I ultimately needed to find the correct balance of each of the settings and at first was just changing one setting at a time which didn’t really get me anywhere. The more I have been practising the more I have been understanding how changing the settings will effect how the picture will turn out.

Roses 1

Last week my boss brought in his macro lens to show me how different it is to shoot with different types of lenses. I thought the macro lens would just be more zoomed in allowing me to take close ups with good detail but I seriously underestimated it. I am yet to take any decent photos with the macro lens because I’m still struggling to focus the image because of how sensitive it is to movement. Because the depth of field is so dramatically different and there is no auto focus I haven’t got any shots I’m happy with but I’ve included a few pictures of roses I managed to get. Whilst some of the image is in focus, other parts aren’t but I’m going to keep practising to see if I can improve.

Whilst being able to get back into photography, I’m really excited to take part in the International Women’s Day event at work because I’m extremely interested in feminism. It’s interesting how some of my female colleagues have asked me why we are doing an event but I think it is great to celebrate the work women are doing for our company whilst highlighting that steps still need to be taken to achieve full gender equality worldwide.

If anyone has any advice on how I could improve my photography please let me know!


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