International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! A few weeks ago my colleague from HR came into our office to ask my manager to photograph the IWD event. Unfortunately he was away on a business trip to America so I volunteered to take the photos instead. After a few crash courses on how to use the camera I was all set for today.

Employees from all different departments came to the event and were able to take part in Olivia Test 010a quiz. As soon as the prize of a bottle of wine was mentioned people were immediately sitting down and filling it out! The quiz highlighted some of the issues women face today whilst referencing some brilliant female role models we could all learn from. It got people talking about gender equality and what we can do within our company and in our day to day lives to improve the issues women still face.

We were also running a photo booth where people could use different wigs, glasses and hats to get involved and meant everyone could have a laugh and enjoy themselves. We managed to get some great photos and I’m looking forward to seeing them up around the building. I was expecting some negative comments or questions as to why there was an International Women’s Day but this didn’t really happen which was great. I’m glad people saw it as a day to celebrate the women at our company and in our lives and recognise there is still a way to go before we reach equality.

Also available were white boards for people to write different messages celebrating the day. We had a variety of messages including some of manufacturing displaying that they make life saving products everyday (I work at a healthcare company) whilst my friend proudly displayed that she was the only female IT support in the UK. I used my message board for a more simple, general message.

How did you celebrate International Women’s Day?



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