Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

A few weeks ago my friends and I were out for some drinks to Elly's Birthdaycelebrate a 21st birthday. It was a brilliant night and it was certainly a night she won’t forget for a long time. When we were on our way to another bar, we were asked if we knew the way to the train station by a French man and Italian woman. I told them it was too late for any trains to be running but it turned out they were looking for a taxi rank. We got talking to them and found out they had only been in England for two months and ended up giving them our phone numbers, before pointing them in the direction of the cheapest taxi rank.

A week passed and I completely forgot we met them as the night had continued with a lot more drinks and birthday celebrations. I got a message a week later asking if we wanted to go for a drink with them. I quickly remembered who they were and asked my friend what she thought. I also asked my Dad and his girlfriend whether we should go and my Dad’s girlfriend told us to go for it, after all what was the worst that could happen?  We had met them whilst drunk and I wasn’t sure if it would be awkward if we met up with them. We decided to go but unfortunately the Italian woman was ill and couldn’t come out in the end.

It seems ridiculous now that I was wondering whether to go or not. We had a really good night and it was really interesting to see how someone from another country views our culture, language, food and habits. It also gave me a chance to try and use my very limited knowledge of the French language and it is safe to safe I was terrible. I asked the French guy if they had met any other English friends whilst staying here but he said that we were the first friends they had made. I felt really bad for them because it must be extremely daunting to move to a new country with very basic English and not know anyone. I’m glad we met them as we can continue to meet up with them whilst they spend a few months in England. Perhaps my French may even improve slightly?

I think this experience showed me I should step out of my comfort zone more. Instead of over thinking a situation, I should just try it and see what happens. If I don’t enjoy it then at the very least I’ve tried it and learnt is isn’t for me. Have you stepped out of your comfort zone recently?

Au revoir!


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