Things Got Weird

A few weeks ago I shared a post with some photos I had taken and thought I would share a few more pictures I have taken recently. I wanted to try something different so asked my friend Megan to come round and make herself look as strange as possible which resulted in blue facepaint and a lot of gems. Whilst it is definitely a bizarre sight, I was really pleased with some of the shots I got and have shared my favourites below.

In my last post about photography I talked about the macro lens and how I struggled to get any good shots because of how sensitive it is to movement. I tried again and managed to get my favourite shot of the day. I love the amount of detail the macro lens can pick up and think the contrast of the dark lips and white teeth makes for an interesting picture.

I’ve been trying to photograph different subjects in different surroundings and light to get used to the camera settings and find out what works. On the same weekend, Megan’s boyfriend celebrated his birthday so we made him a coffee and walnut Malteser cake and I pulled out the camera again to try and get a decent photo. After fiddling with the settings and trying out different angles for the flash I got a picture that I was really pleased with. Also included below is an image of a horse I took a few weeks back when out with a friend and a picture of Sprout, my friend’s new puppy.

Take a look below at the different pictures and let me know what you think or if you have any particular favourites. I would also love any advice on how to take better photos or how I can improve them with different editing techniques! Have a brilliant day!

Gems Ben Redgell


Glitter Lips Ben Redgell

Malteser Cake Ben Redgell

Brown Horse Ben Redgell

Sprout Puppy


6 thoughts on “Things Got Weird

  1. Just out of curiosity, what type of camera so you use?

    I am struggling to learn how to shoot better photos as well. I had an old school Rebel XT, but it was recently permanently borrowed.

    So I found a replacement Rebel T5 at a very reasonable price. The controls are pretty much the same, but the sensor is so much better.

    Basic candid photos are easy to capture, but I’m struggling with low light situations. And, I’m not fortunat enough to have models willing to dress up for me as you do. 😉

    So back to the text book for me.

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    1. I’m borrowing the camera from my manager at the moment, I think it is a Cannon EOS-1Ds. Don’t worry I struggle too, I’m learning I need to balance settings rather than just changing one setting from one extreme to the other! It’s so difficult because there are so many different cameras with different settings. I am luck I have friends willing to do some odd stuff haha!


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