Lady Chastity and Bubba Gump

On Sunday my friends took me to London for a birthday surprise. We arrived at
midday and headed to Carnaby Street to look around a few shops and I finally tried Five Guys. Even though it almost cost my whole student loan just for a burger, fries and a drink, it was delicious. Plus they had one of those drinks dispensers which let you have whichever flavour you like. It’s ridiculous how excited I get over being able to add cherry or vanilla flavouring to my Diet Coke.

After lunch they told me we were heading to Clapham Junction for my surprise. We arrived and after a short walk ended up at a pub called The Four Thieves and my friends told me we were doing an escape room experience. We sat down and two men were walking around in old fashioned clothes staring at everyone. Shortly after, we were led upstairs and into a dark room where we told we would soon be entering the room that Lady Chastity died. We were told she owned a vineyard and had died in a fire after going mad and we had an hour to work out how to unlock the chest that held her last bottle of famous wine.

Lady Chastity

It was really dark in the room and there were a lot of creepy noises and flashing lights but it was so fun trying to work out each clue along the way. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to unlock the case in time so didn’t win the bottle of wine but it was great fun nonetheless. I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone if they were visiting London anytime soon. You might be a lot smarter than us and actually be able to unlock the chest and win yourself a bottle of wine! Afterwards we headed back down to the bar to grab a drink and sit in their pub garden for a while before heading back inside to their games room which had a brilliant race car track and classic arcade games.

Once we left The Four Thieves we headed back to Waterloo and caught the tube to Leicester Square to go to Bubba Gump. My friends had told me we were going to London and I had begged them to go to Bubba Gump because it was my favourite restaurant in New York. My friends told our waiter it was my birthday so I had to stand up whilst all the waiters sang a song at the top of their lungs. I have honestly never had better service or food. Our waiter Harold was brilliant and we ended up staying in there for three hours making our way through their drinks menu.

I realised in London how much I love cities. When I was in New York I loved how busy and fast paced the city was and London is very similar. Everywhere you look there is something different going on and I feel like it would be hard to get bored there. When we finally came out of Bubba Gump and walked back through Leicester Square it was still packed and I loved how all the different lights lit up the square even though the sun had gone down.

It only takes me about forty five minutes on the train to get to London so I really should go more often! I’ll be going up in June for #BloggersBall and in July to see Beyoncé at Wembley!

What is your favourite thing to do in London?


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