4 Things I Have Learnt On My Placement Year

A conventional nine to five job might not be for me
My placement has been my first experience of a traditional nine to five job office job and whilst I have enjoyed my job and got on well with my team I don’t know if it is what I aspire for in the future. Knowing my placement is only for a limited time has been helpful on days when I feel unmotivated as I know I will be going back to university soon. However, the prospect of graduating and having a mundane office job where I sit at a desk all day staring at a screen fills me with dread. I still don’t have an answer when people ask me what I want to do with my life but I’m learning that I shouldn’t be in such a rush to figure it out. I have plenty of time to explore different avenues, make mistakes and learn along the way!

I want a job that incorporates creativity
I decided to begin blogging as my job didn’t have enough creative elements. Whilst I build websites with my team in numerous different languages there are guidelines we must stick to and our content management system has limitations with what it can achieve in terms of design. Blogging has allowed me to write content on different topics and I have been lucky enough to borrow a camera from my manager, learning more about photography. Trying new projects in my spare time has shown me I would love a job that incorporates creative elements. I would love to learn more about design with Photoshop and other programmes and continue to improve my photography.

I want to go travelling
I look forward to exploring different career paths in the future and hope to one day find a job that I love. But before I enter the world of work for good I’ve decided I would like to go travelling for a year or maybe more. I have been in education my whole life so I think embracing the freedom that comes with lack of structure or restricted holiday times will be exciting.

Every person I have spoken to has told me to go for it either saying they had the best time of their lives or they have always regretted not going. Realistically I don’t think I will ever get a better moment in my life to be able to go travelling. When I graduate I will have little responsibility holding me back. I haven’t made any concrete plans so far but I think Australia and New Zealand are on the cards with some stops around South East Asia as well. I would also love to explore some of America as I loved New York when I visited. For some reason the thought of having an apartment in Brooklyn and getting the subway into New York City each day sounds incredible!

A positive attitude is imperative
I have worked with a range of people over placement year from all walks of life who are motivated by different things. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is how valuable a positive attitude can be. In every job there will be frustrating aspects whether it be mundane admin jobs or software not working correctly but it is how you react to these situations that matters most.

In my second year of university I frequently focused on the bad aspects of my course allowing it to overshadow the parts I enjoyed and I definitely think my productivity and efficiency was affected. Being exposed to negative attitudes on placement year was a bit of a wakeup call for me. Moaning about something not working isn’t going to fix it. Arguing with people who cannot change the situation won’t lead to a different outcome.  I have become more aware of how my attitude can affect others and affect the motivation of my colleagues. Whilst some have called me naive and told me my positivity will fade over time, I hope I continue to take a more positive and efficient approach in my final year of university and into my career.

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6 thoughts on “4 Things I Have Learnt On My Placement Year

  1. “I still don’t have an answer when people ask me what I want to do with my life but I’m learning that I shouldn’t be in such a rush to figure it out. I have plenty of time to explore different avenues, make mistakes and learn along the way”- Your speaking to my soul right now. Feel the same exact way, however I know a sign for our destiny will appear soon enough!

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    1. I’m sure in time we will figure things out but there isn’t a rush! I think a lot of younger people feel pressure to work out what they want to do but we should learn to embrace the freedom and try different things!

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  2. I have learned in my years, and I have heard it said multiple times and just never listened. Work is work. It is what you have to do so you can afford to go do the things you want to do.

    While that makes it seem like I work at jobs I hate just so I can enjoy my free time, I don’t. But I also don’t look at my job/career as ‘my life’. My job or career isn’t who I am, and it doesn’t define me. I do it to the best of my ability, and I am always looking for the aspects of my job that I like so that I can keep myself motivated to do even better than before. But once I walk out the door, I forget I have a job and I am 100% focused on me, my family, and what it is that I want to do.

    Another person once told me, “find work you don’t hate so you don’t have a problem going to do it each day. If you get a job doing the thing you absolutely love, it will become work and you won’t love it so much anymore. Save what you love for your own time.”

    Even now, while you are in University, work hard on classes, study as much as you need to get the grades you are after, but once all that is done for the day… chase the things you really enjoy doing.

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    1. I think your right, your career doesn’t define you and whilst it’s good to enjoy your job, realistically I may not find one that I love! Focusing on what matters in life like friends, family and the stuff we enjoy is probably a much healthier driving force than concentrating on a career! I desperately want to get a first at university so am going to chase that as much as possible but know that if it doesn’t happen it isn’t the end of the world. Thank you sir! Have a brilliant day!


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