It’s Been A While

Hello! It’s been four months since I last posted but I finally decided to turn my dying laptop back on and write a new post. I’ve thought about writing new posts a lot over the last few months and considered a complete blog overhaul, focusing purely on weight loss. But I decided I didn’t want to limit myself to one topic so have decided to stick with the mixture of lifestyle posts, healthy lifestyle updates and any thing else that sparks my interest.

There were a couple of reasons I decided to write a new post. I’ve missed blogging, it was something I used to do a couple of times a month over placement and I enjoyed writing my thoughts and hearing what people thought! I also arrived back at uni and got a few comments from some friends who had read what I have posted and told me I should keep at it.

But a strange push which I didn’t expect came from a book I read on my flatmate’s kindle because we didn’t have wifi for over a week when moving into our student house. There’s only so many times I was willing to pay EE for more data so thought I would give The C Word by Lisa Lynch a read to stop me going mental. I’ve now nearly finished it and found I couldn’t stop reading her brutally honest account of cancer. At the beginning of each chapter is a blog post she had posted throughout her treatment and seeing how she used blogging to cope and document her story inspired me to start writing again. Blogging not only helped her but also gave others an insight into what she was going to and it is brilliant that someone else could relate or learn from her experience.

So I’ve decided to give my blog a new name. It has been Chins On Tour for nearly a year now but I don’t post photos anymore pulling chin faces. (If you scroll back far enough you will find a few if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) Also because my blog got a new regular focus since beginning my weight loss journey in January I have settled on a name I think acknowledges the old but welcomes new content: Chins No More!

I’m not sure what you’ll see next from me, perhaps a Healthy Lifestyle Update? But it’s good to be back!


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