I Want To Go Travelling – But Where?

For a while now I have been thinking about going travelling after I finish my final year at university. I saved up over my placement year and realistically I won’t get a better time to go because as soon as I begin work I will more than likely begin the cycle most go through of getting a new car then mortgage, then miserable about the prospect of working for the next fifty years of my life! So before I have to take the final jump into adult hood I think I would like to go travelling and experience different cultures and places around the world.

But where? I have thought about the typical travelling package for people my age where you spend some time in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia which does look incredible but part of me can’t help but think I would rather travel around America instead. I love how each state offers different cultures, foods, experiences and sights and feel like you would never get bored travelling from state to state.

However, ideally I would like to go travelling with someone but not sure if I have any friends who would want to travel America for a few months over the summer. I’m also not sure how much it would be travelling from state to state by myself. I could do a few Trek Americas but I’ve been told by a few people that whilst they are great experiences, it’s cheaper to organise it by yourself. Another route I could look into is graduate schemes in America however that would come with a lot of admin including looking for a place to stay and working visas.

So basically I’m stuck with what I should do, where I will go and whether I should go travelling for a year or just for a few months before my graduation ceremony in November! If you have any advice or recommendations please let me know!

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6 thoughts on “I Want To Go Travelling – But Where?

  1. Hi Ben. A few comments from me…
    1. Travelling by yourself is the ultimate. You will meet more people, push your boundaries and learn about yourself.
    2. Your own country is always going to be there as an easy, convenient and familiar travel option. I would suggest that at your stage in life you are adaptable and should think about taking on something completely different.
    3. Don’t think that just because you are set to embark on a career that your travelling opportunities are finished. I’m 40, have been a vet for 15 years, and am six months into an eight month backpacking trip.

    I’ve blogged about the six countries in SE Asia that I have visited so far. Have a look if you would like some ideas. Otherwise, nice blog. Brett

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    1. Everyone recommends travelling alone but it definitely would be a big step out of my comfort zone! You’re right about my own country always being there, I would definitely regret it!
      You’re right! I should write off travelling ever again in the future just because of my career, who knows it may open opportunities for me! I will definitely check out your blog about South East Asia!
      Have a great day! 😀

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  2. I live in the states, and I love roadtripping from place to place, not sure that it’s really easy to travel around to all of them, but NYC has a great train system and you can go to places like Boston, and Philadelphia, but there is a big train called the Amtrak and that takes you across different states I think but it takes a lot of time! But I have heard amazing things about Australia and New Zealand!

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    1. That’s really helpful to know! I feel like Americans generally travel around more than we do in the UK, almost as if a big road try doesn’t seem that long whereas here we tend to stick to our surrounding areas more! But I guess there is a hell of a lot more places to see and visit in the states! Have a brilliant day 😁


  3. Hey Ben, its been so long! After coming back to my blog, I couldn’t seem to find you on social media or anywhere because of the domain change so I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog again! I would definitely recommend going somewhere really quaint, I traveled to Latvia last October and I really adored it. There’s so much to discover in not very touristic countries and Europe in general has just so much to offer. I’m actually going to be traveling by myself next month and I totally understand what you mean by comfort zone! Anyways, Happy New Year and I hope you have a lovely rest of the day!

    Basant She

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    1. Ahh yes sorry I did change my domain out of the blue! I definitely will have to look into less touristy locations, I would never have thought about Latvia! I still need to do a lot of research! Wow that is brave but I’m sure you will love it!!
      Happy New Year to you too, have a brilliant day! 😁

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