Healthy Lifestyle Update #6

When I look at old photos of myself, I can’t believe I let myself get that big and there is no one else or anything to blame other than myself. Whilst I still have a long way to go, I’m happy with the progress I have made and am determined to keep going. My end goal is still my graduation in 2017 which gives me roughly a year to lose weight and tone up.

After finishing my placement I had roughly a month off before I came back to uni and my eating and diet definitely suffered without a structure. Working each day meant I had breakfast, a snack bar, my salad for lunch and dinner each day and it was easy to follow. Going to the gym after work also became part of my routine and meant I was going three or four times a week. However as soon as I finished placement I got lazy and let myself have far to many days off from eating well and doing regular work outs.

I’ve been back at uni a week and as expected went out a lot so didn’t pay much attention to what I was eating. However I am back on track this week and will be signing up to the gym as soon as I get my student card through so should soon be feeling like I am making progress again soon. I’m worried about final year at university too. I’m not in uni regularly and instead have to manage all my work so I will need to be careful to ensure I don’t let uni work become an excuse to skip the gym. As long as I am organised and committed I should be able to work out regularly and get my uni work done.

I’ve also made a few changes to my diet after chatting to my sister and a couple of friends. I’ve begun reintroducing carbs to my diet and have bought brown rice, wholemeal pasta and couscous to have with my evening meals or salads. I don’t regret being strict with myself for the majority of my year because cutting out carbs, junk food, cheese and other unhealthy options did work. I think the shock did me good and going cold turkey stopped me slowly slipping back to my old ways. But that isn’t to say I haven’t fallen of the wagon a few times a long the way! I didn’t expect it to be plain sailing and I’m sure the next year won’t always be perfect either but I’m back on it, I’m back blogging and am excited to throw myself into the gym and carry on changing my body for the better!

So hopefully the next few months will see me writing about the progress I have made and maybe I will post more about my diet and workouts along the way? If you don’t follow me already, you can find me on Instagram at chinsnomore where I post a lot of my meals if that is something your into!

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Healthy Lifestyle Update #2

After the great response my previous post received, I decided to write a second healthy lifestyle update post. In January I lost over 10kg and when out shopping with friends I noticed big sugar bags that weighed 5kg each. I made my friend Hannah hold two and then told her that I had lost that much weight. It is crazy to hold that amount of weight in your hands and think that I was carrying that around every day. If someone told me I had to carry a bag with two big bags of sugar around with me all day I would refuse automatically but that is what I was effectively doing.

I had another weigh in today and my total weight loss is now 2st 10lbs (17kg) which means I have hit my third bag of sugar! The sugar bags help me to visualise the progress I have made as I struggle to see changes in my body because I see it everyday.

Whilst sticking to the 10,000 steps a day minimum I have also introduced some exercises that I do every day. I initially began at ten crunches, ten knee press-ups and a ten second plank. I have gradually been increasing these and am up to 35 crunches, 15 knee press ups and a thirty second plank. It was a shock to the system at first and my stomach muscles killed but I am pleased that I have been doing more and more each day. If anything, at least my puppy is enjoying the extra walks he has been getting!


Some days have been hard this month where I wanted nothing more than to go to McDonald’s rather than eat some bland salad leaves but having jerk chicken or tuna steak has kept me on track. Realising I am in this for the long haul has shown me that I will need to keep switching up what I am eating week to week to keep me from getting bored and making poor food choices.
I’ve been playing around with a camera this weekend hence the pictures of the fruit and my puppy. I’m getting some practice with the camera as I will be taking pictures at work for our International Women’s Day event at work. I’ve been enjoying writing these posts and they coincide with a blogging event run by Basant She, one of the bloggers who took part in my Behind the Blog series. See you at the end of March for another update!