Healthy Lifestyle Update #6

When I look at old photos of myself, I can’t believe I let myself get that big and there is no one else or anything to blame other than myself. Whilst I still have a long way to go, I’m happy with the progress I have made and am determined to keep going. My end goal is still my graduation in 2017 which gives me roughly a year to lose weight and tone up.

After finishing my placement I had roughly a month off before I came back to uni and my eating and diet definitely suffered without a structure. Working each day meant I had breakfast, a snack bar, my salad for lunch and dinner each day and it was easy to follow. Going to the gym after work also became part of my routine and meant I was going three or four times a week. However as soon as I finished placement I got lazy and let myself have far to many days off from eating well and doing regular work outs.

I’ve been back at uni a week and as expected went out a lot so didn’t pay much attention to what I was eating. However I am back on track this week and will be signing up to the gym as soon as I get my student card through so should soon be feeling like I am making progress again soon. I’m worried about final year at university too. I’m not in uni regularly and instead have to manage all my work so I will need to be careful to ensure I don’t let uni work become an excuse to skip the gym. As long as I am organised and committed I should be able to work out regularly and get my uni work done.

I’ve also made a few changes to my diet after chatting to my sister and a couple of friends. I’ve begun reintroducing carbs to my diet and have bought brown rice, wholemeal pasta and couscous to have with my evening meals or salads. I don’t regret being strict with myself for the majority of my year because cutting out carbs, junk food, cheese and other unhealthy options did work. I think the shock did me good and going cold turkey stopped me slowly slipping back to my old ways. But that isn’t to say I haven’t fallen of the wagon a few times a long the way! I didn’t expect it to be plain sailing and I’m sure the next year won’t always be perfect either but I’m back on it, I’m back blogging and am excited to throw myself into the gym and carry on changing my body for the better!

So hopefully the next few months will see me writing about the progress I have made and maybe I will post more about my diet and workouts along the way? If you don’t follow me already, you can find me on Instagram at chinsnomore where I post a lot of my meals if that is something your into!

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Behind The Blog: Becster

Please introduce yourself and your blog
Hi *waves*! I’m Rebecca (aka Becster) of I’ve been blogging on and off for years… I think my first blog started about 15 years ago but this current version of the blog has been going since August 2013. I haven’t got a focus niche but if you want to put me in a specific box then I guess I’d be lifestyle/parenting. I blog about pretty much anything that comes to mind… and inspiration can come from anywhere. For example I published a post about what I’d put in a Time Capsule after watching an episode of Peppa Pig. Who knew?! My favourite topics are family days out for example seeing Thomas the Tank Engine or my Photo Days posts.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
The community! I love the interaction between bloggers be it on Twitter, Facebook or simply by commenting on each other’s blogs. I’ve made some great online friends via blogging and I’m hoping to meet some of these great people soon!

What is your least favourite thing about blogging?
Sometimes it can be a bit stressful to try and keep up there with numbers etc. I’m guilty of putting pressure on myself to try and improve stats and comparing to others when really, I ought to focus on enjoying the blogging!

What have you learnt from blogging? Has it shaped any of your goals for the future?
I never know how to answer this question! I’ve improved my photography skills (I hope so at least!) and as for shaping goals… I don’t have goals other than have a happy life – blogging may or may not help that!

What advice would you give to new bloggers? Is there anything you would do differently if you were to start again?
I wish I’d have known about Twitter chats before now. Even though this blog has been going since August 2013, I didn’t start Twitter chats until March 2015. I now host the 1pm #ltbloggers chat every Wednesday and I’m currently looking for chat topics! So any suggestions give me a Tweet!

Do you have any favourite blogs that you read?
I read so many blogs that I feel like I shouldn’t single any out! But if I have to then today I’m stalking Sian at Cakey Dreamer because she’s into the same sort of thing as me – food, fitness and Disney!

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Behind The Blog: Dork Face Blog

Please introduce yourself and your blog
My name is Jemma and my blog is – It’s my home for sharing everything about myself really! Sometimes that means lifestyle issues I’m interested in, sometimes my favourite beauty products, blogging tips I’ve learned along the way, and all my creative adventures too. I’m an artist and illustrator so I love sharing my creative side. I’ve been blogging almost 2 years now and I love it!

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
Having a creative outlet and something that encourages me to be creative every single day is amazing. I’m always inspired and I have my blog to thank for that. I also love meeting fellow bloggers!

What is your least favourite thing about blogging?
The negative vibes that can be involved in the community. It’s natural, it’s always going to happen. But that’s why I try to fight it with #TheGirlGang 🙂

What have you learnt from blogging? Has it shaped any of your goals for the future?
I’ve learned anything is possible, and hard work pays off. My goal is just to keep going! 🙂

 What advice would you give to new bloggers? Is there anything you would do differently if you were to start again?
Be yourself sounds SO cliché, I know! But it’s true! My most popular posts are ones where I’ve been REALLY honest with my audience or shared my quirks in some way. It’s a positive thing for sure.

Do you have any favourite blogs that you read?
So many! Truly too many to name, but off the top of my head?.. These ones come to mind…

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Behind The Blog: Amie Hayward

Please introduce yourself and your blog
My name is Amie and I am the creator of I would say my blog focuses on a lot of food, fitness, veganism and lifestyle posts, but I do a lot of beauty and fashion too! I’ve been officially blogging for a year in February, however, I have been blogging for around 5 years now.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
My favourite thing about blogging is I get to share my thoughts with the community. The blogging community is such an incredible thing to be part of, I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to be part of it!

What is your least favourite thing about blogging?
I think my least favourite thing about blogging is negativity, people have said my blogging isn’t good enough when I think we should try to support each other rather than bring each other down!

What have you learnt from blogging? Has it shaped any of your goals for the future?
I think it has taught me to think outside of the box, there is so much creativity around, think outside that box and push through, it’s worth it! I think it has really helped me to see where I want to go with my life!

What advice would you give to new bloggers? Is there anything you would do differently if you were to start again?
Talk to people within the community, it can be daunting, but honestly the community is a wonderful bunch of people who are so supportive and if anyone needs anything I am always more than happy to help others, been there and done that. It’s hard work but it’s worth it! I think I would have thought more carefully about how I wanted to lay my blog out and focus a little more on bloglovin.

Do you have any favourite blogs that you read?
Oh my gosh so many to count, I  don’t want to miss anyone out, but I love to read so many different types of blog it would be unfair of me to single ones out! I love reading personal posts because I think it is important to get to know the person behind the blog, that way you can relate a lot more to the person. I also love a lot of fitness, healthy living, cooking, lifestyle posts too, I think as long as someone is passionate about their post, and it reflects in their posts, I will absolutely adore it!

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What I Have Learnt So Far

I recently hit 1000 views on chinsontour and to celebrate I de
cided it was time to share my favourite chins on picture I have ever taken. Before I get into this post, I would just like to thank everyone who has taken a minute out of their days to read, comment, like and encourage!
 Statue of Liberty
I began blogging to learn new skills and ultimately make myself more employable in the future however I soon found out I really enjoying blogging. Whilst I enjoy my job, I felt like it wasn’t giving me much creative freedom so decided to set up a blog to try out more creative endeavors. That was just over two months ago blogging quickly became a hobby of mine. Without further ado, I’m going to talk about a few things I have learnt and a few pieces of advice for new bloggers.
Share your blog
I have really enjoyed running a twitter and instagram account specifically for my blog as it allows me to connect with more people and more bloggers – particularly because people use different blogging platforms. I initially used Twitter purely to share my posts but soon realised I wasn’t getting much enjoyment out of having a Twitter account for my blog. I now participate in a number of the blogging chats, reply and interact with other users and also post about topics that catch my interest. Since doing this I have enjoyed using Twitter a lot more and have received more interaction from other bloggers because I haven’t been using Twitter solely to promote myself.
Use other blogs for inspiration, not comparison 
There is always going to be a blog with better photos, a bigger audience or a nicer theme and it can get exhausting constantly comparing yourself to others. It is important to remember that everyone is a beginner at some point and took a while to find their style. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t immediately get 500 followers or you find some of your posts clunky or awkward. Try different things and find out what works for you. There’s no rush so don’t put so much pressure on yourself.
The blogging community is very supportive
I didn’t realise when first beginning to blog how supportive bloggers are of one another. Many are happy to help others and enjoy interacting with people’s content. The Blogging 101 course that I am currently participating in has solidified this as a lot of other participants have been more than willing to help and give their opinions on people’s posts, themes, taglines and all other blog related topics.
It’s okay not to have a niche
Sometimes it can feel like you need to have a niche audience for your blog in order for it to be successful and without one you won’t get very far. I don’t think this is the case. The priority is that you enjoy writing your content. You can tell quickly when someone has written a post purely for the clickbait title and readers won’t stick around for long. Strive to produce the best content you can and readers should keep returning to your blog. If you naturally find a niche you like writing about or have a specific topic or genre you are passionate about then go for it! Just don’t force it.
Don’t obsess over stats
This may sound a little hypocritical as this post is celebrating 1000 views but try your hardest not to obsess over your view, visitor and follower counts. When I first began blogging I checked it continuously to see if it had changed at all and realised I needed to let it go. If a post I really liked didn’t get the readership I had hoped for I had to accept it and move on. I think it’s important not to be too hard on yourself! I appreciate this is easier said then done and everyone will like to know how many people are seeing their content and where in the world they are reading from. Don’t allow the stats to overshadow the main reasons you are blogging. Enjoy it!

My Year In Photos

WordPress emailed me a summary of how my blog has performed this year and it prompted me to write a post looking back on 2015. I began my blog two months ago and in that time I have achieved just over 800 views from 16 different countries with the main visitors being from the UK followed by the US and India. WordPress summarised these statistics with a comparison to cable cars found in San Francisco:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 820 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 14 trips to carry that many people.

I’ve enjoyed the short time I have spent blogging and am looking forward to keeping it up in 2016. I also wanted to take a minute to look back at 2015 and put together a post with my favourite photos.


This picture is from my 20th birthday where some of my friends came to visit me at university and we all went out together. It took so long to get everyone to stand in one place for a photo to be taken!

New York

I was lucky enough to go to New York this year to visit my sister and this is my eldest sister, her best friend and I in Times Square. I had the most amazing times when visiting America and being in New York is definitely one of my biggest highlights of 2015.

Summer Ball

This photo marks the end of my second year at university. Our university has a big summer ball where everyone dresses up and a load of us went as aliens. It was a brilliant way to celebrate the end of second year.

This is the first picture I took with our new puppy Rufus! He has got so much bigger and I definitely underestimated how stressful a puppy can be at times but he has been a great addition to the family.

Bestival Crowd

Bestival was one of the best weekends of the year and I love this picture my friend took of me and Alice when we were dancing to Missy Elliot. Its not the best quality but it captured such a brilliant moment where were dancing like morons.

This is a photo of my friend Ellie and I celebrating her 21st. I was taking a load of photos of her with her cake because I knew how awkward she felt when everyone was singing to her and her mum took this photo of us. I love that we didn’t know it was being taken but it sums up the brilliant weekend we had celebrating her birthday!

Instagram Best Nine

I thought I would include my Instagram best nine from my chinsontour account to highlight the short time I have spent blogging and how much I have enjoyed it. Hopefully my Instagram will be full of new posts next year!

There are so many more photos I could have included. 2015 has been a good year but I’m looking forward to what 2016 brings. Happy New Year everyone!

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Happy Halloween and Welcome to Chins on Tour

Chins on tour began as a joke on Instagram when I used #chinsontour on pictures I took when visiting New York for the first time. Skip forward a few months and I have decided to set up a blog where I can share the chins and talk about different things I find interesting. I loved sharing my #chinsontour pictures with friends and making them laugh and thought the next logical to step was to share it with the world.

I am currently on a placement year as part of my degree in Business Studies with Marketing, helping set up websites using content management systems. Whilst I am enjoying my placement and am learning a lot, I have started to question what I want to do with my life and the career path I hope to follow. Being exposed to the “real working world” has shown me that I want a job that incorporates a level of creativity, which is part of the reason I set up this blog; so I could do something slightly more creative in my spare time.

I’m not 100% sure on what topics I will be writing about or how frequently I will be posting so I would say expect very little and then you won’t be disappointed. But hopefully this is the first of many chins on tour moments.

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